Our Address:

Komplek Mega Glodok Kemayoran
Blok C6 - Jl.Angkasa Kav B5
Kemayoran - Jakarta 10616


021-26051430 (Fax)

Reason to select our Company:

  • To provide a human resource with health, and great integrity.
  • Placing the Candidate
  • To motivate the workforce.
  • Assist our clients to improve the responsibility sense of the employee.
  • Assist Our Clients to evaluate and solve the problem interrelation of Human Resources.
  • To improve and boost the employees capability and quality.

The benefit for Clients:

  • To maximizing the contract Labour by output capacity measurement.
  • Client will not waste their time for personnel problem, due to MIA will take over the issue.
  • Client at any time can replace the labour, assume is inefficiencies.
  • Save the Client time, for Income Tax calculation, Insurance‚Äôs, and Termination problem.
  • Client can deport or terminate the Labour level at any time necessary to the contractor, if the client get an unstable of man power usage caused by any condition.
  • To improve and boost the employees capability and quality.
  • Client can make a maximum evaluation to the contract labour capacity and capability.
  • Client has possibilities to hire permanent the good and reputable Contract labour with discussion to MIA.
  • Client has a right and able to enforce the Company regulation to labors.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Filling the insurance for employee.
  • Handling man power safety hazardous.
  • Prepare monthly salary and payment for employee.
  • Terminate undisciplined workforces and re hire for substitution.
  • Lease with Client to Control and supervise the work forces.
  • Keep and handle all the Administration of the Workforce.