PT Mutiara Indah Anugrah is Indonesia based company.

We are a company engaged in general contractor, which provide all needs in construction project, such as labor supply, construction work, civil work, transportation and material construction supply, in any kind of projects Construction.

Our company was founded in 2011, in a short period of time, we have successfully cooperated with several foreign construction companies, and working on several projects in the area of ​​Indonesia, NEPC (North East Power Plant Company), CHI (China Harbor Indonesia ), Shanxi , Shanghai Electric and Indonesia Sinoma Engineering.

Although the company is still very young, but we are supported by the Board of Directors and professional staff with highly experienced in their respective fields thus resulting in a very good cooperation with all of our clients.

Our Excellence:

Directors and top-level management has committed to HSE, this is because companies realize that every labor is a corporate asset, and we are always evaluating and correcting any programs HSE.

The reason why we do this because we believe the company will grow rapidly and have a good resale value from the point of HSE.

Bussiness Segments:

Civil and Construction

With a vast collective experience in the civil and construction industry, our duty is to make sure your project plans run smoothly with your time line and help you create infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment.

Jetty Port

Working in the marine environment requires a specialized expertise and knowledge not typically found in landside projects. Most of our clients projects are unique, and as such can be benefited for our company experienced. One of the is construction of jetty port.

Material Construction Supply

Material supply is generally measured by accomplishing on time delivery to the customer, on time delivery from the supply base, attaining a freight budget, that’s why we always do the best for our customer.

Material Transportation

In order to support the construction project goes well, all aspects must support each other, one of which is the transportation of materials and goods needed in the project, for which we are ready to provide the best service. We can provide to you and your business the transportation mode that we can provide is dump truck.

Labor Supply

PT Mutiara Indah Anugrah have a specialist in labor supply to fullfil the clients project requirement, we can provide any position level of labor, Such as Construction Building Project, Jetty Port Worker, Mechanical Electricity & Power Plant Project.

To maximize and improving the company operating activity, it will need a great management to all sources, and one of the most significant to those affectivities and efficiencies out of system and regulation is Human Resource Management.

A manufacturing, Banking, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas and Trading & Service which involve a Huge Contract Employee, would be a potential problem, if not handling properly and may affect to the Work quality of Company.

Relation to this subject PT Mutiara Indah Anugrah as a Human Resources Management Service, offer a great solution for employee outsourcing in Indonesia. We Offer you as OUTSOURCING, Which mean: Client and a Third Party to maintain and develop your Employee together.